Hawaii Volcanic Water 500mL 24 Pack

Water is Life

Best Water in the World

Hawai‘i Volcanic’s naturally alkaline water is enhanced with minerals and electrolytes from trickling through thousands of feet of Hawaiian volcanic rock.

The water is stacked with transformative minerals that have been used for centuries to slow ageing, support immune systems, and increase overall hydration.

Improve your health & vitality through each sip

  • Alkaline8+
  • SILICA39mg / liter
  • MAGNESIUM2.6mg / liter
  • CALCIUM4.8mg / liter
  • POTASSIUM1.9mg / liter

Precious + Premium

On All Levels


pH 8+ With Minerals & Electrolytes


Mauna Loa Volcano, Big Island Hawai'i


Lava Filtered from the Artesian Aquifer

To understand the powerful attributes of this water, we need to first understand its journey. Hawai‘i Volcanic Water begins as snow & rain that descend through miles of porous lava rock on the Mauna Loa Volcano before being responsibly harvested.

This volcanic filtration creates a pure, powerful, and naturally alkaline water that is loaded with minerals, electrolytes, and Mana.

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